New German Voices – Domenico Müllensiefen: From Our Fires and Ariane Koch: The Obtrusion

Portraits Domenico Müllensiefen und Ariane Koch

In his debut, Domenico Müllensiefen tells the story of three working-class friends who struggle to find a place in society during the difficult post-reunification period. »In a very concrete way, he makes comprehensible the multiple experiences of foreign determination and loss of identity of ordinary people in East Germany, out of which rage against the […]

Words of Love and Hate – S.C.U.M. Manifesto Reloaded at März Verlag

Portrait Barbara Kalender und Richard Stoiber

The »S.C.U.M. Manifesto« is considered one of the most violent and contentious feminist tracts. The fact that its author Valerie Solanas met Andy Warhol in the year of its publication and fired shots at him a few months later has been inseparable from the reception of this text ever since. In 2022, the »Manifesto of […]

Postsoviet Cosmopolis – Speaking in Many Tongues: Translingual Poetry. With Semyon Hanin

Portrait Semjon Hanin

Post-Soviet poetry is created in many languages. What do polyphonic aesthetics stand for? As a Russian-speaking poet in Latvia, Semyon Hanin is part of a minority that expresses itself in the language of the former Soviet occupant. Hanin also translates from Latvian into Russian. Moderation: Eugene OstashevskyLanguage: English A cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence […]

12. Graphic Novel Day – Maki Shimizu: Über Leben/ Max Baitinger: Sibylla

Max Baitinger, Maki Shimizu

Rampant gentrification makes life difficult for Maki Mouse and Adagio the cat, as well as for the creative people in the city. Shimizu paints a radically subjective comic portrait of today’s Berlin bohemians. »Therapeutic and destructive are close together in ›Über Leben‹. Raising questions, making you think, reflecting on human experiences and social conditions, this […]

Words of Love and Hate – Fighting Gendered Violence: After the Istanbul Convention

Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu, Burcu Karakaş

The Istanbul Convention, adopted by the Council of Europe in 2011, sanctions violence against women. Statistically, women in Turkey are particularly susceptible to domestic violence. In July 2021, the AKP government made good on its threat to withdraw from the convention. Thousands of Turks took to the streets in protest. Why did the Turkish government […]