22. ilb 7. - 17.09.2022

Programmsparten: Speak, Memory

The Resistance of Memory: From the Work of Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss [1916–1982] was one of the most distinguished authors of German-language post-war literature. An important theme in his works is personal and social memory. Excerpts from his novels »The Shadow of the Coachman’s Body«, »Vanishing Point«, and »The Aesthetics of Resistance« will be presented by members of the International

Remembering Peter Brook. With: Renate Klett

Peter Brook, one of the most important figures of contemporary European theater, who recently died in Paris at the age of 97, set standards like no other with his new theatrical language. Productions such as »A Midsummer Night’s Dream« and »The Tragedy of Carmen« are unforgotten. The author as well

Fühmann’s Hungary Travel Diary

Fühmann’s »Twenty-Two Days« not only delivers an upbeat travelogue about Hungary, but also details a profound literarily examination of the GDR. In a reading, the CHB commemorates the great adaptor of Hungarian poetry. With projections from the Fortepan photo archive. Moderation: Lothar MüllerSpeaker: Matthias ScherwenikasLanguage: German In cooperation with Collegium

»…right?« – in remembrance of Rolf Hosfeld [1948–2021]

In memory of the friend, author, Germanist, cultural historian, documentary filmmaker, director of the Peter-Weiss-Stiftung für Kunst und Politik e.V. [executing agency of the international literary festivals in Berlin and Odessa], who died in 2021, and whose great services, especially his recognition of the Armenian genocide as director of the

Wittgensteins Boat: An Installation by Marianne Heske

In 1914, the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein retreated to a lonely cabin built for him in the Norwegian village of Skjolden on the Sognefjord. He returned to this place five times during his life and even spent an entire year in Skjolden in 1936/37. Marianne Heske’s installation draws on the fact

Sandra Guzman

born in Puerto Rico and raised in New Jersey, USA, is an »Emmy«-award winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and author whose mission is to make marginalized people and communities more heard. She was involved in the production of the documentary »Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am« (2019) and is the author

Annett Gröschner

born in 1964 in Magdeburg, has lived in Berlin since 1983. She studied German language and literature in Berlin and Paris. The award-winning writer, journalist, lecturer, and performer publishes poetry, prose, documentary literature, radio features, and plays. She is best known for her novels »Moskauer Eis« (2000; tr: Moscow Ice)

Wolfgang Kubin

The sinologist, poet and essayist Wolfgang Kubin was born in Celle/Germany in 1945. He passed his Abitur grammar school leaving certificate at the Dionysianum in Rheine in 1966, and studied Protestant theology, and later Japanology, German language and literature, philosophy, and sinology in Münster, Vienna and Bochum. He wrote his

Wilhelm Droste

Wilhelm Droste, born in 1953, is an author, translator, literary scholar and long-time coffee house operator in Budapest. He taught German literature at Eötvös Loránd University for more than 25 years and is today one of the most important ambassadors of Hungarian culture in the German-speaking world. Among other things,

Verena Auffermann

born in1944 in Höxter. After apprenticing as a bookseller and studying art history, she worked as a lecturer and publisher, making a name for herself as a critic in particular. Auffermann writes for »Die Zeit« and the »Süddeutsche Zeitung«. The literary anthology »Leidenschaften. 99 Autorinnen der Weltliteratur« (2009; tr. Passions.

Verena Lueken

born 1955 in Frankfurt am Main, is a journalist, critic, author. She studied sociology, film studies, and German in Frankfurt am Main and dance in Philadelphia and New York. She worked as an editor in the feature section of the »FAZ« for many years and was the cultural correspondent for