23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023

Programmsparten: Science and the Humanities

Tanja Busse

born in 1970 in Eversen, works as a writer, moderator, and journalist for various media outlets. She completed her studies in journalism and philosophy when she finished her PhD in 2000. She works mainly on the topics of agriculture, sustainability, nutrition, and ecology. Most recently, she published the non-fiction book

Tanja Kunz

born in Karlsruhe in 1980, studied Recent German Literature and Romance Studies at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and completed her doctoral thesis on the subject of »relationship between literature and ethics in the epical work of Peter Handke«. She conducts research on German literature of the 20th/21st century, on ethics

Tanja Witting

Tanja Witting born in 1972 and studied social pedagogy. She has looked into the effects of virtual worlds, both in her 2007 doctorate thesis at the University of Magdeburg and in her research work as a member of the academic staff at Cologne University of the Applied Sciences (1999–2012). Besides

Sybille Krämer

born in 1951 in Trier, is a professor of theoretical philosophy, with research foci on philosophy of language, media theory, cultural techniques of formalization and digitization. From 1989 until 2018, she taught at the FU Berlin, and is now senior professor at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg. In a wide-ranging

Sylvain Neuvel

born in 1973 in Quebec City, earned a PhD in linguistics and worked as leading software engineer in Natural Language Processing on information extraction and machine translation. His fascination with robotics is reflected in the »Themis Files«-trilogy, a fast-paced collage of dialogue passages and documents revolving around an alien invasion.

Sumana Roy

is the author of »How I Became a Tree« (2017; Fr. »Comment Je Suis Devenue Un Arbre«, 2020), a work of nonfiction, »Missing. A Novel« (2018), »Out of Syllabus. Poems« (2019), »My Mother’s Lover and Other Stories« (2019), a collection of short stories. Her poems, essays and stories have been

Sunke Schmidtko

is a German oceanographer. Schmidtko is member of the Excellence Cluster »The Future Ocean« at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Oceanography in Kiel. The Execellence Cluster deals, among others, with sustainable use and global change of the oceans like warming and the connected reduction of oceanic oxygen content.

Stefanie Bröring

Stefanie Bröring is a professor for Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness at the University of Bonn since 2013. Her work focuses on analyzing the potential of new technologies and how scientific ideas can be turned into sustainability-oriented innovations.

Sonja Wild

studied English and German literature as well as political science in Erlangen. She wrote articles on independent games for superlevel.de and is an editor for the games culture bookazine »WASD«. She lives, plays and works in Berlin.

Sonja Ehret

Sonja Ehret was born in 1960 in Heidelberg. She has worked in many jobs, for example, as a bank clerk, and as a nursing assistant at the Nordbaden Wiesloch psychiatric centre and is also involved in the registered association »Selbständig Wohnen« (tr. Living Independently). Ehret first gained a degree in

Sigrid Weigel

born in Hamburg in 1950, is a literary and cultural science scholar. She held academic posts in Hamburg, Essen, Zurich, Potsdam, Princeton and was the director of the Center for Literary and Cultural Research in Berlin from 1999 to 2015. She has published on authors such as Heine, Freud, Warburg,

Simon Ings

Simon Ings, born in 1965, is a science fiction, cyberpunk and nonfiction writer, as well as arts editor of the magazine »New Scientist«. His subversively stylized, multi-layered and cutting-edge novels involve cyborg extensions, augmented realities and alternate historiographies. He edited the forthcoming anthology »We, Robots« (2020), which compiles one hundred