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Ilya Kaminsky: Deaf Republic

Als in der von Besatzern okkupierten Stadt Vasenka ein tauber Junge auf offener Straße von einem Soldaten erschossen wird, leisten die Bewohner:innen Widerstand, indem sie sich nur noch in Gebärdensprache verständigen. An den Toren der Soldatenbaracken steht in Kreide: »NIEMAND KANN EUCH HÖREN«. In Ilya Kaminskys 2020 mit dem Literaturpreis

Bernardine Evaristo: Girl, Woman, Other

Talk, reading, Q&A Megan is wild and likes wearing pants. Conflict is inevitable, because her mother wants a well-behaved, dress-wearing daughter. Along with eleven other girls and women* of color, Megan forms the center of this Booker Award-winning novel. This breathtakingly written book fans out the struggles and longings of

Sam Thompson: Wolfstongue

Talk, reading, Q&A Since he often lacks words, Silas is bullied at school. By rescuing an injured wolf, he catapults himself into a world of talking animals, where wolves in an underground city are oppressed by sneaky foxes. Silas can help the wolves, but to do so he must finally

Mieko Kawakami: Heaven

Talk, reading, Q&A A nameless boy with an eye defect is systematically bullied and mistreated by his classmates at school. His only ray of hope is the beginning of a friendship with Kojima, who secretly writes him letters and is also bullied. Together they try to find meaning and comfort.

Jamaica Kincaid: The Art of Fiction

As a seventeen-year-old au pair, Jamaica Kincaid came to the United States from Antigua, which was a British colony until 1981. Her first story, “Girl,” made her famous in an instant. It consisted of only one sentence and appeared in the New Yorker, for which she later worked herself. Images

Jennifer Egan: Candy Haus

In her new novel, the Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the bestseller »A Visit from the Goon Squad« tells of the world of digital start-ups, once again interweaving the lives of several characters over decades. She shows the eternal human longing for deep connections, for love, family, and redemption.

Szczepan Twardoch: Pokora

Despite longing for his childhood sweetheart Agnes, the miner’s son Alois immerses himself in Berlin’s underworld after the end of World War I, experiencing the turmoil of the revolution and finally the unrest in Upper Silesia. »Szczepan Twardoch stages a great play with intertextual references in ›Pokora‹. Despite hefty surface

Claudia Rankine: Just Us

What does it mean to be white? With this question, Claudia Rankine, award-winning author of the poem »Citizen«, continues her examination of race and racism in the United States. For her latest volume, a collage of essays, poems, and images, she details conversations with white people – friends as well

Hans-Jürgen Syberberg: The Art of Scriptwriting

Hans-Jürgen Syberberg, born in 1935 in Nossendorf/ Pomerania [today Mecklenburg-Vorpommern], is a film director, author, and producer. His main work is considered to be the »German Trilogy« with the films »Ludwig: Requiem for a Virgin King« (1972), »Karl May« (1974), and »Hitler: A Film from Germany« (1977). 10 years of

Vigdis Hjorth: A House in Norway

Alma, a divorced textile artist and lovable recluse who makes her living weaving flags for unions and marching bands, lives secluded in the Norwegian woods. When a Polish family moves into the spare apartment, she is pushed to the limits of her ideals as a feminist and open-minded liberal: how