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06. – 16.09.2023

Herkunft: Spain

Manuel Vilas

The Spanish writer Manuel Vilas (Vidal) was born in Barbastro in 1962. His literary texts are rich in irony and parodies, and Vilas takes up various popular myths and reflects on the capitalist economic order. He made his début as a poet in 1982. A volume of collected poems was

Maite Carranza

Maite Carranza, born in Barcelona in 1958, studied Anthropology and subsequently taught languages and Literature. In 1986 she published her first children’s book, »Ostres, tu, quin cacao!« (t: Goodness me, what a mess!), which was awarded the Premi de la Crítica Serra d’Or. Since the early 1990s Carranza has concentrated

Luis García Montero

Luis García Montero was born in Granada in 1958 and belongs amongst the most successful contemporary Spanish poets. He completed his studies in Spanish literature at Granada University in 1981 and five years later he presented his doctoral thesis on the Spanish modernist Rafael Alberti.  Today he has the Chair for

Luis Leante

Luis Leante was born in Caravaca de la Cruz, west of the Spanish city Murcia, in 1963. He studied classical philology in Murcia. He published his first book in 1983 and has been a professional writer ever since. As such, he has written works in many different genres, including short

Laura Restrepo

Laura Restrepo was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1950. She studied Literature, Philosophy, and Political Sciences and worked as a lecturer in Literary Studies. The political journalist and activist has worked with several human rights organizations and has written works of nonfiction on the political themes of her home country,

Karina Sainz Borgo

Karina Sainz Borgo was born in Caracas in 1982. She studied social sciences at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, emigrated to Spain in 2006, earned her master’s degree in communication and art at the Universidad Complutense in 2007, and studied journalism at the Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid until

Julio Llamazares

Julio Llamazares was born in Vegamián, a small village in the region of León.  At the age of twelve he left the mountain area, attended a boarding school in Madrid and then studied law. Today Llamazares works as a writer, journalist and scriptwriter. After two poetry volumes which were published

Juan Pablo Villalobos

Juan Pablo Villalobos was born in the Mexican city of Guadalajara in 1973. He studied Hispanic literature and marketing before moved to Barcelona in 2003 to undertake a doctorate in literary theory. There he pursued writing while also working in an e-commerce company. Villalobos published numerous works – including market

Juan Gómez Bárcena

The Spanish author, literary critic and lecturer Juan Gómez Bárcena was born in 1984 in Santander. He studied literary theory and comparative literature as well as history at the Complutense University of Madrid. He augmented his training with philosophy studies at the National University of Distance Education (UNED). His first

Juan Cruz Ruiz

Juan Cruz Ruiz was born in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, in 1948, studied Publishing and History in La Laguna. In 1976 he was one of the founders of the Spanish daily »El País« and wrote mainly for the arts section. He was correspondent in London, director of Alfaguara Publishers