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Herkunft: Spain

Paula Carballeira

Paula Carballeira was born in 1972 in Fene, Galicia, and studied Hispanic Studies in Santiago de Compostela. In her home country, she is known as a television and theater actress, and since 1990 she has also been active as a writer of children’s and young adult books. She has received


Tàssies was born in 1963 as Josep Antoni Tàssies Penella in Barbastro in Aragón. He is licensed in Journalism [UAB, Barcelona], has a master’s degree in Editión [UB, Barcelona] and, since 1983, has had his works published in the press. His journalistic illustrations have been recognised twice with Junceda Awards

Ray Loriga

Ray Loriga was born in Madrid in 1967. He made his debut in 1992 with the novel »Lo peor de todo« [tr: The Worst Thing of All], whose protagonist takes stock of his life in his mid-twenties. Translated into several languages, the book made the author internationally known as a

Irene Solà

Irene Solà was born in 1990 in Malla, a small village in the province of Barcelona. She studied fine arts in Barcelona and Reykjavík and completed a master’s degree in literature, film, and visual culture at the University of Sussex. In 2012 she published the poetry collection »Bèstia« [Eng. »Beast«,

Ana Penyas

Spanish illustrator Ana Penyas was born in Valencia in 1987. She has a degree in industrial design and fine arts from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. She has shown her work at solo exhibitions in places such as Lisbon and Valencia, but also at group exhibitions. She worked as an

Carlos Castresana

Carlos Castresana was born in Madrid in 1957. He completed his law studies there in 1979 at the Universidad Complutense. He worked among other things as a lawyer, judge, public pr osecutor against corruption, and as pr ofessor of criminal law at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. He was

Yann Martel

Yann Martel was born in 1963 in Salamanca in Spain. As a child of Canadian diplomats, he grew up in various countries. While studying Philosophy in Peterborough, Ontario he worked various jobs, including as a tree-planter and security guard, and he also spent several months in Turkey and India. After

Xabier Puente Docampo

Xabier Puente Docampo , born in Spanish Rábade in 1946, is one of Galicia’s leading writers of children’s and young adults’ literature. After finishing his studies he worked as teacher, columnist, scriptwriter, editor for Radio Nacional de España, actor and director for theatre and television. Furthermore, in 1989 he was

Xosé Antonio Neira Cruz

Xosé A. Neira Cruz, born in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela in 1968, ranks among the most prominent Galician authors of children’s and youth literature. He studied Italian philology and graduated in Communication Studies at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, where he has been teaching and researching

Vicente Valero

Vicente Valero was born on the Spanish island of Ibiza in 1963 and first became well-known in his homeland as a poet. Since 1987, he has published seven volumes of poetry as well as several illustrated editions in cooperation with artists such as Vicente Fernández Cervera, Pedro Asensio and José

Tomás Segovia

Tomás Segovia was born in 1927 in Valencia.  Very early in his life, during the Spanish Civil War, he emigrated to France and Morocco.  Segovia has kept up the contacts he established here, especially with French culture and language.  In 1940 he chose exile in Mexico.  In Mexico-City he studied

Susanne Lange

born in 1964 in Berlin, wrote her doctoral thesis on contemporary Latin American and German authors. Was a visiting lecturer at Tübingen and Bogotá. Has translated the works of García Lorca, Rulfo, Vargas Llosa, Marías, Cervantes, and others, since 1992. Is the recipient of the Spanish Embassy Translation Prize (2005),