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Herkunft: India

Kiran Desai

Kiran Desai is the daughter of author Anita Desai and was born in Chandigarh in 1971. She grew up in India and was educated in Britain and the USA. Her first novel was praised by leading writers and received the Betty Trask Award. For her second novel, »The Inheritance of

Kiran Nagarkar

Kiran Nagarkar was born in Mumbai in 1942. In addition to plays and screenplays, he has written four novels, establishing his reputation as an outstanding representative of contemporary Indian literature. His books are a target of ideological critique due to the hybrid nature of his version of postcolonialism, involving irreverence

K. Satchidanandan

K. Satchidanandan was born in 1946 in Pulloot, a village in Kerala, a state in Southern India. He began writing poetry at the age of eleven. He graduated in Zoology and then took up English Studies at the Maharaja’s College under the University of Kerala. He took his doctorate in

Jeet Thayil

Jeet Thayil was born in the federal state of Kerala in India’s south-west, the son of T. J. S. George, a respected author, columnist and editor. Because of many periods of stay in countries like China and the USA, Thayil attended schools in Hong Kong, New York and Mumbai, and

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

born in 1942. University Professor and founder of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University, New York, conducts research and teaches reading at the interfaces of globality, feminism, Marxism, and deconstruction on issues of identity and subalternity. Teaches elementary school and works for ecological agriculture among the

Dilip Chitre

Dilip Chitre was born in Baroda, India, in 1938. During the latter part of his childhood he lived in Mumbai/Bombay. From 1975 to 1976 he participated in the International Writing Programme at the University of Iowa. He writes and translates in two languages: Marathi and English. Marathi, the official language

Dipesh Chakrabarty

born in Kolkata in 1948, is regarded as a pioneer of postcolonial historiography. Since receiving his doctorate in history, he has advocated west-east changes of perspective within the framework of postcolonialism and addressed the problem of the dependence of the history of India and other colonies on European discourses. His

Deepti Kapoor

Deepti Kapoor was born in 1980 in Moradabad, India and grew up in Mumbai, Bahrain and Dehradun. She started studying journalism at the University of New Delhi in 1997 and then obtained a master’s degree in psychology. She worked as a journalist for various newspapers for 10 years. Her first

Christopher Kloeble

born in 1982 in Munich, is a German novelist and screenwriter. He graduated from the Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig in 2007, and published his first novel, »Unter Einzelgängern« (Eng. »Amongst Loners«) in 2008, which won the Jürgen Ponto Stiftung Prize. Kloeble was a visiting professor at Cambridge and a writer-in-residence at

Bhajju Shyam

Bhajju Shyam was born in 1971 in Patangarh, India. He already decorated the walls of his house in the style of traditional Indian Gond painting when he was still a child. He went to Bhopal to do casual work at the age of 16 and, while there, his uncle recognised


Benyamin was born as Benny Daniel in 1971 in Kulanada in the southern Indian state of Kerala. He lived in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 1992 to 2013 and eventually returned to Kerala.Benyamin is the author of circa twenty books in various genres, from short stories to novels to memoirs.

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra was born in 1947 in Lahore, Pakistan, and studied English literature, ancient history and economics at the University of Allahabad. Fascinated with the library of his uncle, an English professor with whom he lived, he fulfilled his dream of publishing his first poems and seeing his own