Herkunft: Czech Republic

Jaroslav Rudiš

The Czech writer and playwright Jaroslav Rudiš was born in the Bohemian town of Turnov in 1972. After studying German and history in Liberec, Prague und Zurich he worked briefly as a German language teacher until he received a journalism scholarship that brought him to Berlin. In his first novel

Jan Jilek

was born in Hradec Kralove in 1982. He made his slam debut in 2006 and since then he performed on several slam poetry events in the Czech Republic (winner 2008) and abroad. He speaks Czech, English, German and Spanish and is quite able to perform in all of those languages.

Jan Macháček

Jan Macháček was born in Prague in 1965, where he studied at the local University of Economics. During the Communist era, he was a member of the Czechoslovak dissident movement. After the revolution of 1989, he co-founded the country’s first independent media outlet »Respekt«, for which he still works as

Jan Novák

The Czech-American writer, playwright, and screenwriter Jan Novák was born in 1953 in Kolín. His family escaped from Czechoslovakia in 1969, first going to an Austrian refugee camp and finally moving to Cicero, Illinois, in 1970. Novák studied at the University of Chicago, where he was discovered by the Czech-American

Jáchym Topol

Jáchym Topol was born in Prague in 1962. After he, like his father, had signed the Charta 77, he was refused the opportunity to study and worked as fireman, warehouse worker, and coal carrier. It was then that he developed an until then unheard-of use of the Czech language. »I

Iva Procházková

Iva Procházková was born in 1953 in Olomouc, Moravia.  From an early age she realized that political reality can impair one’s own free development.  As her father, Jan Procházková, belonged to the “undesired” authors of the “Prague S pr ing”, Iva’s early pr ose and theatre pieces weren’t allowed to be published in

David Černý

born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1967. Studied at the Prague Academy for Art, Architecture and Design from 1988 to 1994. Černý is one of the most provocative contemporary artists in his country, who loves to create sensational and controversial sculptures. Among his best-known works are »Entropa«, a bronze Trabbi

Bianca Bellová

The Czech writer with Bulgarian roots Bianca Bellová was born in 1970 in Prague. After studying at the University of Economics she worked as a translator and interpreter of English. Following a trip across India, she débuted with the novel »Green Curry«, followed by »Sentimentální román« (2009; tr: Sentimental Novel)

Bara Procházková

born in 1979 in Prague, she studied Political Science and Eastern European Studies at the University of Hamburg. After graduation she worked in Prague at the public radio station »Český Rozhlas« and later as a reporter for the newspaper »Deník«. Today she is an editor and a writer for the