22. ilb 07. - 17.09.2022

Herkunft: Algeria

Amin Zaoui

Algerian writer Amin Zaoui was born in Bab el Assa in the Algerian province of Tlemcen. He studied comparative literature at the University of Oran. He writes and publishes novels in both French and Arabic. His works follow the Berber-Arabic tradition of storytelling but often broach sensitive topics such as

Amara Lakhous

Amara Lakhous was born in 1970 in Algiers, the sixth of nine children. His parents were Berbers, and they sent him to a Koran school for four years where he learned classical Arabic. He learned French at junior school, which meant that he had the role of mediating between his

Abdelouahab Aissaoui

Abdelouahab Aissaoui was born in Djelfa, Algeria in 1985, studied electromechanics at the university there, and works as a maintenance engineer. He made his literary debut in 2012 with the book »Jacob’s Cinema«. His second novel, »Mountain of Death«, tells the story of Spanish communists who were imprisoned in North