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ilb Jahre: 2012

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

The Kenyan writer and scholar of culture, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, was born in 1938. He is the son of a traditional Kikuyu farming family in Kamiriithu, Limuru. In 1952, the independence struggle against British colonial rule – the Mau Mau War – began. From 1959 to 1964 Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

Moritz Rinke

Moritz Rinke, born in 1967 in Worpswede, studied applied theater studies in Giessen. He worked for the »Tagesspiegel« as a columnist and reporter from 1994 to 1996. He was twice awarded the Axel Springer Prize and a collection of his texts was published in 2001 as »Der Blauwal im Kirschgarten«

Michael Day

Michael Day is a Canadian-born sinologist (currently a UK citizen). He studied at the University of British Columbia, spent many years in China, and is considered an expert for Chinese avant-garde poetry. He helped Liao Yiwu to record his poem »Massacre« on tape. Day has worked with the Digital Archive

Max Dudler

born in 1949, studied in Frankfurt and Berlin and worked for O. M. Ungers until he became self-employed in 1986. He has participated in many competitions with designs characterized by Rationalism and Minimalism and he has built several libraries, for example the Folkwang Library in Essen. His most important projects

Matthias Matussek

Mathias Matussek was born in Münster in 1954, he studied at the Free University Berlin and the German Academy for Journalists in Munich. He was a Special Correspondent in East Berlin and worked in various departments of the German weekly »Spiegel«, most recently for the video blog »Matusseks Kulturtip«. Matussek

Martin Kieren

Martin Kieren was born in 1954, studied Philosophy, Art History and Architecture. He has been a scientific assistant, curator and editor of »Werk und Zeit«, an author of radio programmes on architecture, town planning and art, and finally a Professor for Architectural History and Theory. His works deal with Hannes

Markus Metz

Markus Metz was born in Oberstdorf in 1958 and studied Publishing, Politics and Drama Theory at the FU Berlin. He is an independent journalist and author. Together with Georg Seeßlen he has written four books so far, three of which appeared in 2012. Metz and Seeßlen coined the term »Blödmaschinen«

Mark Greif

Mark Greif was born in 1975, studied History and Literature in Harvard, Oxford and Yale. He is the co-editor of the literary magazine »n+1«. His essays have been published in the German-speaking region under the title »Bluescreen« (2011). Greif is also an active supporter and speaker of the Occupy Wall

Mario Desiati

Mario Desiati was born in Locorotondo, Apulia, in 1977, and grew up in Martina Franca in the Province of Tarent. After graduating from his studies in law in Bari in 2000, he was employed by a law firm and published a series of essays on civil law topics. He moved

Marie Pohl

Marie Pohl was born in Hamburg in 1979. The daughter of dramatist Klaus Pohl and sister of the actress Lucie Pohl grew up in New York and worked as a scriptgirl and translator. She studied in Madrid and was employed as an assistant director and actress in Spain and Germany,

Mariana Chiesa Mateos

Mariana Chiesa Mateos was born in La Plata in 1967, where she studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Plata and graduated in 1992. She worked as an illustrator for the Argentinian newspaper »Clarin« and other periodicals from 1993 before moving to Barcelona in 1997. Her

Maria Papayanni

Maria Papayanni was born in 1964 in Larissa, Greece. She studied Greek Language and Literature in Thessaloniki. She has worked as a journalist for newspapers, radio and television, and writes books for children and young adults. Her début was the picture book »âKalinichta, mama«á (2001; t: Good night, Mama), in