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ilb Jahre: 2012

Peter Pohl

Peter Pohl, born in Hamburg in 1940, emigrated with his mother to Sweden at the end of World War II after the death of his German father. He was particularly interested early on in Mathematics, Physics and Athletics. From childhood, Pohl wrote everything down and also experimented with photography. »Even

Peter Schneider

Peter Schneider was born in Lübeck in 1940 and grew up in Freiburg, where he began his studies in German language, history and philosophy. He completed his education in Berlin. He wrote speeches for SPD politicians during the Bundestag election campaign in 1965. Schneider quickly found a role as one

Paula Morris

Paula Morris wurde 1965 in Auckland, Neuseeland, geboren. Die Schriftstellerin mit Maori- und englischen Wurzeln studierte an der Universität von Auckland und im englischen York, wo sie promovierte. Sie begann eine Karriere in der Marketingabteilung einer Schallplattenfirma, die sie von London nach New York führte. Dort war sie als Werbetexterin

Patrick de Saint-Exupéry

Patrick de Saint-Exupéry was born in 1962. The French journalist started his career at the age of 19. He worked for »Le Figaro« and other papers. He was a foreign correspondent in Moscow and has been working as reporter in Afghanistan, Iran, Irak, Pakistan, Argentina and Saudi Arabia, and covered

Ostap Slyvynsky

Ostap Slyvynsky was born in Lviv in Western Ukraine in 1978. He is a poet, translator, critic, and a literary scholar. He studied at the Institute of Slav Language and Literature at the University of Lviv, where he obtained his doctorate with a thesis on the phenomenon of silence in

Omar Akbar

Omar Akbar Omar Akbar has been one of the most influential hosts of the “Reflections” programme of the international literature festival berlin since 2007. He has focused on the literary exploration of big cities and metropolises, and their specific urban character. In his series Urban Worlds – World Cities he

Obi Nwakanma

Obi Nwakanma was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, in 1966. He studied English and Poetry, and obtained his MFA from Washington University and his PhD from Saint Louis University in the USA. Nwakanma worked as a journalist in Nigeria and wrote articles for international newspapers and magazines. He is also a

Norbert Bisky

Norbert Bisky was born in Leipzig in 1970, studied Art at the University of the Arts in Berlin, as well as in Salzburg and Madrid. His paintings have been presented in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad, and are part of the MoMA collection in New York. Bisky creates powerful

Norbert Scheuer

Norbert Scheuer was born in 1951 in Prüm, which is located in the Westeifel area of the region of Rhineland-Palatinate. While attending evening school, he completed an apprenticeship as an electrician. After that, he studied Physical Engineering in Iserlohn. At the University of Dusseldorf, he completed a second course of

Nils Mohl

Nils Mohl [Germany] Nils Mohl was born in Hamburg in 1971. He studied Literature in Kiel, Thübingen and Berlin and Cultural Management in Weimar, and worked in construction, retail and logistics. He now works as a writer for an agency, a lecturer on writing techniques at the University of Hamburg

Nina Power

Nina Power is a senior lecturer on Philosophy at Roehampton University in London. Her main areas of interest are modern French and German philosophy, philosophies and politics of the subject, as well as feminism, queer theory, cinema and politics and new media. She writes articles about philosophy, art and politics

Nicoleta Esinencu

Nicoleta Esinencu was born in 1978 in the Moldavian capital of Chişinău. She studied dramatic writing at the national Academy of Arts. In 2001, together with Mihai Fusu and Dumitru Crudu, she wrote the play »A şaptea cafanã« (tr: The Seventh Coffee House) which was staged in Moldova, Romania, and