Tomaten Mögen Keinen Regen

From the point of view of 13-year-old Hovanes, everyday life is described among a group of young people with disabilities who are cared for by two nuns in an orphanage. A second perspective is that of Ana, who writes a report about the facility. The novel – an »ambitious debut« [1001 Buch] that won the Evangelical Book Prize – is a moving account of the longings of young people. 

DI 14 09 21 | 11:00 | silent green – Kuppelhalle | Kl. 10–12 | Gespräch & Lesung | Deutsch | Gast/ Guest Sarah Michaela Orlovský | Moderation Junge Moderator*innen der LiteraturInitiative Berlin | Vorprogramm: Lotti Spieler – Ohne Titel/ andererseits | 1406