23. ilb
06. – 16.09.2023

Nærmere Høst

It is winter in Oslo in 1942. Sonja is waiting for her sister Ilse. Instead of her, three policemen appear at the door, and the lives of the Sterns, a Jewish family, are abruptly torn apart. The historical novel, which won the Uprisen Prize, is a »movingly beautiful narrative« [SZ] that sheds light on the crimes of the National Socialists in Norway, but also tells of the power of love.

DO 09 09 21 | 11:00 | silent green – Kuppelhalle | Kl. 9–12 | Gespräch & Lesung | Deutsch | Gast/ Guest Marianne Kaurin | Moderation Shiva Mesgarian | Sprecherin/ Speaker Regina Gisbertz | Vorprogramm: Maarten Robeck – Europa I/ Europa II | 0908