23. ilb
06. – 16.09.2023

Lika Nüssli: Starkes Ding

Portrait Lika Nüssli
Lika Nüssli [© Herbert Weber]

Talk, reading, live illustration, Q&A

Ernst lives with his family on a farm in Switzerland. Out of financial necessity, his parents leave him to an old peasant couple as a cheap laborer. In raw, metaphorically-charged black-and-white images, the graphic novel uses true events to tell the story of contract children – the external placement of children for the purpose of wage labor. Happy childhood days as well as the hardship of rural working days are woven into a radically honest and yet humorous work of comic book art.

Language: German
Guest: Lika Nüssli
Presenters: Sarah Akinsola, Emma Eickhoff, Annika Pietruck, Alexander Biernoth [Young presenters from LiteraturInitative Berlin]

Text & illustration: Lika Nüssli
Editor: Wiebke Helmchen

for grades 7–9