22. ilb 07. - 17.09.2022

Hassan Zahreddine: ZIN

Portrait Hassan Zahreddine
Hassan Zahreddine [© privat]

Talk, reading, Q&A

Zin, who lives in Lebanon, can neither read nor write. Despite being a child, he has to work in a print shop, where the master inspires Zin’s enthusiasm for printing and thus also teaches him to read and write. One day Zin receives an order to print pamphlets, which has unexpected consequences. The picture book is printed in the elaborate mezzotint process and tells of the power of words and growing up in just a few words and pictures that are as atmospheric as they are artistic.

Languages: German & Arabic
Guest: Hassan Zahreddine
Presenter: Kristin Linde
Speaker: Matthias Scherwenikas
Interpreter: Mirko Vogel
Supporting Act: Jona Valentin Rose – »Gespenster I-IV«

Text & Illustration: Hassan Zahreddine
German translation: Leila Chammaa
Editor [German translation]: Sonja Matheson

for grades 1–3