23. ilb
06. – 16.09.2023

Det Fina Med Kerstin, 4-day Workshop

Seven-year-old Kerstin loves her golden hair. And she also collects everything that is golden. When she finds a gold ring at school one day and her teacher asks the students if anyone has seen her wedding ring, Kerstin remains silent. This children’s novel, which has been awarded the Nils-Holgersson award, gently and precisely tells the story of a very special girl, of childhood friendships, and of the fine line between truth and lies.

MO 13 09 21 – DO 16 09 21 | 09:00–13:30 | Schaubude | Kl. 2–4 | Objekttheater- & Installations-Workshop/ Abschlussbegegnung mit Helena Hedlund | Leitung/ Facilitator Susann Tamoszus, Franziska Burnay Pereira | pro Person 9€ | 1307