23. ilb
06. – 16.09.2023

Alles Komt Goed, Altijd, Workshop

In the summer of 1914, more and more refugees travel through the small Belgian town where Alice lives with her family.  But  then  her  family,  too,  must  flee  the  encroaching  war  into  the  unknown.  With  its  »timeless  and  quiet story«  [DIE  ZEIT],  this Woutertje  Pieterse  Award-winning  book  tells  of  loss  and  cohesion  ina  child-friendly  and sensitive way – but also of many small moments of happiness in times of war.

MO 13 09 21 | 09:00–14:30 | Schule der teilnehmenden Klasse | Kl. 5–7 | Theaterpädagogischer Workshop/ Abschlussbegegnung mit Kathleen Vereecken | Deutsch | Leitung/ Facilitator Jana Schwennesen | pro Person 6€ | 1309