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06. – 16.09.2023

Author: Hannes Richter

Visions 2030 – Authors and Scientists on the Future of Cities (2015)

Within the framework of Science Year 2015 »Zukunftsstadt« (City of the Future), the ilb presented its programme »Visions 2030. Authors and Scientists on the Future of Cities«. Twelve international authors discussed their texts exclusively written for the festival with twelve scientists from different disciplines. You can find the authors’ visions

Scritture Giovani

Scritture Giovani is a project conceptualized by Festivaletteratura in 2002 to promote young European writers. It started with the support of the European Union’s Cultural Programme and has continued with increasing success. Scritture Giovani involves several of Europe’s major literary festivals – Festivaletteratura, Hay Festival (United Kingdom) and international literature

ilb Journal 2021

You can find the web version of the printed journal next to the articles listed here. © Christian Kracht „Alles anders, alles gleich“ Wie haben Sie als Künstler*in die Pandemie erlebt, wie und wo gelebt und gearbeitet? Womit haben Sie sich beschäftigt, worin Inspiration gefunden, wo vielleicht Trost? War alles

Opening Speeches

2022 Evening programme: David Van Reybrouck [Deutsch/English] [YouTube Deutsch] [YouTube Englisch] International Children and Young Adult Literature: Angeline Boulley [Deutsch/English] [YouTube] 2021 Evening programme: Leїla Slimani [English/Deutsch] Greetings: Dr. Klaus Lederer [English/Deutsch]  International Children and Young Adult Literature: Marianne Kaurin [English/Deutsch] [YouTube] 2020 Evening programme: Mario Vargas Llosa [Spanisch/English/Deutsch] International

Exhibition catalogues

Exhibition catalogue 2013 “Comics from Berlin. Images of a city” Challenging, diverse and funny – that’s comics from Berlin! From an anarchical fanzine to a narratively elaborate graphic novel, all known varieties of the comic are at home here, supported by an enthusiastic network of big and small publishing houses.

The Catalogue

The annually-published festival catalogue contains photos, biographies and selected bibliographies of all participating writers. Since 2003 the authors have additionally been asked to answer a selected question in a concise and spontaneous way. In 2009 and 2008 we have inquired in the “Berlin.Views” of our guests. In the three years before


Traditionally and historically, the United States of America is seen as the ultimate country of immigration. During the past decades, there have been several waves of immigration. There are not only numerous countries from which these immigrants come, seeking better opportunities and a better quality of life, but also numerous


Since the beginning of 2014, the Ukraine has been dominated by military conflicts. The east of the country has been most gravely affected. There, pro-Russian separatists have been fighting for the independency of the region as well as the area being more connected to Russia. This intention is supported by


Turkey is both a country of immigration and emigration. Because of its shared border with Syria, it is the country housing the majority of the Syrian refugees (more then 2 million), even though they rarely come to Turkey directly but rather enter the country through Lebanon.  The EU hopes for

South Sudan

After a referendum in which 99 % of its population voted yes to independence, South Sudan declared itself a separate state from Sudan on July 9th 2011. As a result, large numbers of people migrated to South Sudan. However, with the start of the civil war in South Sudan in