Portrait Zairong Xiang
© Jordan Rodriguez

Guest 2018.


Dark Rooms
Räume der Un/Sichtbarkeit
Berlin, 2016
Queer Ancient Ways
A Decolonial Exploration
Goleta, 2018
Transdualism: Towards a Materio-discursive Embodiment”
In: TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 5:3
Duke University Press 
Durham, 2018

Zairong Xiang [ China, Germany ]

born in Guiyang, China, researches feminism, queer theories, and comparative literature as part of the DFG Research Training Group »Minor Cosmopolitanisms« at Universität Potsdam. After earning his PhD, he was a Fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry ICI-Berlin from 2014 to 2016. In »Queer Ancient Ways« (2018) he examines mythological figures in Babylonian and Nahua creation myths as theoretical sources for  queer imagination.