Simon Gronowski Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2013.


L’enfant du 20e convoi

Éditions Luc Pire

Liège, 2002

Simon, le petit évadé

Éditions Luc Pire

Liège, 2005

Ni victime, ni coupable – Enfin libérés

[Zs. mit Koenraad Tinel und David Van Reybrouck]

La Renaissance du livre

Waterloo, 2013

Simon Gronowski [ Belgium ]

born in Brussels in 1931, Gronowski is the youngest survivor of »Transport 20« to Auschwitz. He was freed by the Belgian Resistance. His book »L’enfant du 20e convoi« (2002; tr.: The child of the 20th convoy) deals with this experience. Together with artist Koenraad Tinel he recently published »Ni victime, ni coupable. Enfin libérés« (2013; tr.: Neither victim, nor guilty. Finally released). Gronowski is a lawyer, a jazz pianist and the former President of the Association of Belgian Deportees. He lives in Brussels.