Michael S. Cullen Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2013.


Christo – Jean-Claude

Der Reichstag dem deutschen Volke

[Mit Wolfgang Volz]


Bergisch Gladbach, 1995

Wo liegt Hitler?


Berlin, 1999

Der Reichstag


Berlin, 2005

Michael S. Cullen [ USA, Germany ]

born in New York City in 1939. Michael S. Cullen studied Russian language and literature, philosophy, history and music at Brooklyn College and the FU Berlin. He has been an interpreter, translator, radio editor, and language teacher. Many publications give evidence of his extensive exploration of the history of the city of Berlin. He has focused, in particular, on the history of the Reichstag building. As early as 1971 he proposed to have the parliament building wrapped by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Cullen lives in Berlin.