Kurt Krömer Portrait
© Hartwig Klappert

Guest 2013.


Gute Nacht, Carola

[Mit Jakob Hein; Ill: Manuela Olten]


Hamburg, 2010

Ein Ausflug nach wohin eigentlich keiner will

Zu Besuch in Afghanistan

[Mit Tankred Lerch]

Kiepenheuer und Witsch

Köln, 2013


Kurt Krömer [ Germany ]

born in Berlin in 1974. Kurt Krömer has presented a number of satirical revues and a variety of TV formats. He is currently hosting the ARD »Krömer Late Nicht Show«. Krömer has also been an actor in television and film productions, at Berliner Schaubühne and Volksbühne, and has received the German Television Prize and the Adolf Grimme Award. His book »Ein Ausflug nach wohin eigentlich keiner will« (2013; tr.: A journey nobody really wants to make) is a documentary of his trips to the civilian and military parts of Afghanistan.