Scritture Giovani

Scritture Giovani is a project conceptualized by Festivaletteratura in 2002 to promote young European writers.

It started with the support of the European Union’s Cultural Programme and has continued with increasing success. Scritture Giovani involves several of Europe’s major literary festivals – Festivaletteratura, Hay Festival (United Kingdom) and international literature festival berlin (Germany).

The authors in the past years were chosen under the criteria of age (under 32), the first publication of a short story written specifically for the project, the first translation of their work (into the languages of the three festivals: Italian, English and German) and the participation of the authors at events at the three festivals.

The short stories, information about the Scritture Giovani authors and other news will be published on the website:

40 short stories from the last 13 years by authors from around the world.


The Scritture Giovani publications from the past years are listed up here.

2016: Much Ado About Nothing

Scritture Giovanni 2016

With short stories by:

Rebecca F. John

Ilaria Gaspari

Mercedes Lauenstein

Nina Polak


2015: Home


With short stories by:

Valerie Fritsch

Llŷr Gwyn Lewis

Marco Parlato

Elske Rahill


2013: Jerusalem

Scritture Giovani 2013


With short stories by:

Laura Fidaleo

Meirion Jordan

Felix Stephan

Maarten Inghels


2012: why?

ScritGiova 2012_cover

With short stories by:

Antonia Baum

Eurig Salisbury

Francesca Scotti

Andrea Lundgren


2011: names

scritture giovani 2011


With short stories by:

Susanne Heinrich
Paolo Piccirillo
Anna Lewis
Kallia Papadaki


2010: sea



With short stories by:

Dora Albanese
Catrin Dafydd
Clemens Setz
Stefania Mihalache


2009: 4 am

Scritture Giovani


With short stories by:

Paul Brodowsky
Gabriele Dadati
Owen Martell
Céline Robinet



2008: sunshine


With short stories by:

Cynan Jones
Giovanni Montanaro
Thomas von Steinaecker
Seray Şahiner



2007: disquiet


With short stories by:

Eirik Ingebrigtsen
Caryl Lewis
Thorsten Palzhoff
Chiara Valerio
David Machado



2006: Casablanca


With short stories by:

Cristiano Cavina
Aneirin Karadog
Kirsten Fuchs
Gaute Heivol
Ana Prieto Nadal



2005: elsewhere


With short stories by:

Marco Archetti
Fflur Dafydd 
Gunnhild Oyehaug
Daniel Odija
Antje Ravic Strubel



2004: monsters


With short stories by:

Ingeborg Arvola
Valeria Parrella
Owen Sheers
Gernot Wolfram



2003: borders


With short stories by:

Bjarte Breiteig
Richard John Evans
Angharad Price
Flavio Soriga
Tilman Rammstedt



2002: things change

Scritture Giovani 2

With short stories by:

Rajeev Balasubramanyam
Davide Longo 
Marco Mancassola
Ingo Niermann 
Silke Scheuermann
Rachel Trezise