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Exhibition catalogue 2013

 "Comics from Berlin. Images of a city"


Challenging, diverse and funny – that's comics from Berlin! From an anarchical fanzine to a narratively elaborate graphic novel, all known varieties of the comic are at home here, supported by an enthusiastic network of big and small publishing houses. Therefore, apart from local artists, international cartoonists are increasingly using the city as a source of inspiration and a location for their own work. The exhibition "Comics from Berlin. Images of a city" does not only want to convey the strong creative energy of the scene but to especially show how the city itself becomes a subject. While looking at the recent and historical development of Berlin, the comic presents itself as an art form that is highly sensitive, pointed, reflexive and has an enormous stylistic wealth.


Ausstellungskatalog 2013


Comics from Berlin. Images of a city

Mona Koch / Jens Meinrenken / Ulrich Schreiber (eds.)

76 p. | Soft Cover | 9,80€

ISBN 978-3-940384-62-1

2013 Verlag Vorwerk 8 | www.vorwerk8.de



Exhibition catalogue 2012

"Visible and invisible prisons"


Ai Weiwei reminds us of the names of the casualties of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, Meng Huang of the breach of the Banqiao-dam which resulted in the death of 230,000 people, the photos of Tsering Dorjee shed light on the time of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, Liu Xa contributes photos which illuminate her own autobiography and finally, Liao Yiwu presents manuscripts from his book "For a song and hundred songs".


Ausstellungskatalog 2012

Visible and invisible prisons

Ye Zheng / Ulrich Schreiber (eds.)

59 p. | Soft Cover | 9,80€

ISBN 978-3-940384-51-5

2013 Verlag Vorwerk 8 | www.vorwerk8.de