Some Are More Equal Than Others

Sep 10, 2017 02:00 pm
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Upper Foyer
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Although worldwide inequality has slightly decreased thanks to growing middle classes in certain emerging economies, the wealth gap is steadily increasing in many nations. The entrenchment of social classes exacerbates tensions between people and has manifested in a global rejection of »elites« and »the establishment«. How can rising inequality and its anti-democratic effects be combated?


CHRISTIANE GREFE [D] is reporter and editor for »DIE ZEIT« and author of numerous non-fiction books. Her last publications: »Global Gardening« and, together with 4 other authors, »Was tun? Demokratie versteht sich nicht von selbst«.


CHRISTIAN FELBER [A] is a political activist, author, and founding member of Attac Austria. In 2010, he initiated the international »Economy for the Common Good« movement as well as the project »Bank for the Common Good«.

SUSAN GEORGE [USA/ F] is a political scientist, activist and author of 17 books on global inequality, most recently »Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations Are Seizing Power« [2015]. She is president of the Transnational Institute [TNI] and honorary president of Attac-France.

VINCENT-IMMANUEL HERR [D] is part of the »Herr & Speer« team of writers and researches European youth and generational justice. As an activist, he initiated the projects »Young European Voices« and »FreeInterrail«.