Danced, Photographed, Drawn Poetry: a Kookbooks Afternoon with Martina Hefter, Sabine Scho & Andreas Töpfer (GER)

Sep 08, 2013 04:00 pm
Literatures of the World
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Small Stage
Price 8 Euro / reduced 6 / pupils 4
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Martina Hefter’s poetry volume »Vom Gehen und Stehen« (tr: About Walking and Standing) explores the interplay between posture, thinking and speaking. Hefter does not limit her texts to the shape of books, but also develops Lecture Performances where poems and movement/dance are transformed into new shapes. Sabine Scho’s new poetry and photography project focuses on »Animals in Architecture«; on zoos, where man reveals his attitude towards himself and his fellow creatures when he abuses the animals. The event is illustrated live by Andrew Potter who has been responsible for the distinctive graphic design since Kookbooks was established.

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