Paula Bulling  [ Germany ]


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(c) Nina Hoffmann

Guest 2013, 2018.


Im Land der Frühaufsteher


Berlin, 2012

A wie Abschied

In: Spring #10

Hamburg, 2013

Bruss. Brussels in shorts


Brüssel, 2013

born in Berlin in 1986, Paula Bulling moved to Halle/Saale in 2008 in order to study Illustration and Ceramics at the KH Burg Giebichenstein. She gave her debut in Georg Barber / Atak’s illustration class with »Im Land der Frühaufsteher« (tr.: In the land of early birds), a comic documenting the living conditions of refugees in Saxony Anhalt. Bulling lives in Berlin and is currently working on her new comic, which will have the title »Nachtwinkel« (tr.: Night angle).