Andreas Münzner  [ Switzerland, USA ]


Andreas Münzner Portrait
© Marko Lipuš/

Guest 2005.


Die Höhe der Alpen
Reinbek, 2002

München, 2005

Die Ordnung des Schnees
Zu Klampen Verlag
Springe, 2005

Andreas Münzner was born in 1967 in Mount Kisco, USA and grew up near Zurich. He received numerous prizes for his debut novel, »Die Höhe der Alpen« (2002; t: The height of the Alpes). In 2005 his first volume of poetry came out followed by »Geographien«, a series of miniature prose pieces about the fictional life choices of a generation without prospects. Münzner lives and works as a writer and translator in Hamburg and Switzerland.

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