»Writing Climate change.« Publication of the Anthology: Tony Birch [Australia], Mirko Bonné [G], Xiaolu Guo [China/ GB], Jaś Kapela [PL], Oisín McGann [Ireland]. Weather stations puts Literature and Language in the Centre of the Debate on Climate Change

Sep 11, 2015 07:30 pm
Literaturhaus Berlin
Host Birte Hendricks
Speaker Matthias Scherwenikas
Price 0 Euro
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»Deep down do I really care?« - What contributions can literature and language make when it comes to one of the greatest crises to ever confront mankind? The international project »Weather Stations«, which aims to bring literature and language into the center of the debate on climate change, poses exactly this question. For 18 months, five authors from five countries have worked intensively with the theme. They read texts from the anthology »writing climate change« and discuss with the project’s founders the question: does literature give us another way of approaching the reality of climate change? The students participating in the project will organize the finale of the event, in which they will manifoldly formulate a self-determined goal: Stop the Silence. The anthology »writing climate change« will be distributed amongst the guests.

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