»Visions 2030. Authors and scientists n the future of cities« with Rawi Hage [Lebanon/Canada], Maria Sonia Cristoff [Argentina], Stephan Rammler [Germany], and Stefan Schurig [Germany]


It is the year 2030. Place: a therapeutic clinic in Buenos Aires. A son writes to his mother. Isolated form the outside world entirely, he imagines himself as an »ethnographer of the city«. While Argentinean author Maria Sonia Cristoff approaches the topic »City of the Future« in the form of a fictional collection of letters, Lebanese-Canadian novelist Rawi Hage charts a vision of a coming natural disaster. That the protagonist of Hage’s short story is one of the more fanatical scientists when it comes to the exactness of his prognoses portrays a particular relish.  Finally, two established experts on the future in the areas mobility, climate, and energy grace the stage in the form of Stephan Rammler and Stefan Schurig, who will have the opportunity within the discussion to present their vision of a post-fossil-fuel world and a society of sustainable economics.

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