Omar Akbar [Germany] speaks with Masatsugu Ono [Japan] about the future of Tokyo

Sep 13, 2015 08:00 pm
Literaturhaus Berlin
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Although Japan’s population is decreasing and aging in the extreme, Tokyo belongs to one of the most progressively growing regions in the country. Here about 10 million people live and work. Tight-packed buildings and a highly-developed infrastructure provide for the city, which flies in the face of all warnings and is braced for likely earthquakes and tremors. Tokyo is one of the richest and most expensive megacities in the world, yet despite this the social and economic insecurities like the growing minimum wage sector, high rents, unemployment, poverty, and homelessness are piling up. To this is added the collision between the handed-down traditions and the emancipation efforts. Due to these factors, Tokyo’s future prospects remain ambivalent.

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