Viktor Jerofejew (RUS) Takes a Look into »Die Akimuden« (tr. The Akimudes) ─ Russia’s Future

Sep 12, 2013 07:30 pm
Literatures of the World
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Small Stage
Host Volker Weichsel
Price 8 Euro / reduced 6 / pupils 4
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Moscow. The opening of an embassy of a country which cannot be found on a map of the world. The name of the mysterious country: the Akimudes. The relationship between Moscow and the Akimudes leads to a whole chain of unbelievable events ─ odd and absurd, poetic and tragic, with lovers and spies… Viktor Jerofejew - legendary chronicler of the persistent crisis in Russia and author of the cult book, »Der gute Stalin« (tr. The Good Stalin) - returns to the stage of world literature. »The Akimudes«, a breathtaking historical science-fiction thriller, dares look to the future, where Russia’s destiny is already decided.

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