Salman Rushdie (IND / USA): From »Midnight’s Children« to »Enchantress of Florence«

Sep 14, 2013 06:00 pm
Literatures of the World
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Main Stage
Host Julika Griem
Price 15 Euro / reduced 12 / pupils 4
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Salman Rushdie is one of the most prominent and well-known authors of the present day. His novels, »Midnight’s Children« (made into a film by Deepa Mehta), »The Satanic Verses«, and »The Moor’s Last Sigh« have been translated into numerous languages and printed by the million. Rushdie has been honoured with many prestigious awards including the Prix Aristeion, the Best of the Booker, and the »Ordre des Arts et des Lettres«. Furthermore, he has been knighted by Queen Elisabeth II. He will discuss his novels with Julika Griem.

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