Øyvind Torseter (Norway) – Mulegutten / Der siebente Bruder – Theatre workshop

Sep 07, 2017 09:00 am
International Children's and Youth Literature
Schaubude Berlin
Price 12 Euro

Once upon a time there was a king with seven sons. The six oldest ones rode out into the world, found six princesses and wanted to return home with them. On the way back, however, a troll transformed them all into stone. And so the seventh brother set out to find his brothers – and perhaps to find his own happiness along the way. Throughout his bizarre travels, he resorts to the help of his horse, a wolf, an elephant – and even a saxophone. MULEGUTTEN is an ironically written and wildly illustrated comic based on a Norwegian fairy tale that discusses themes of bravery, fearlessness and love. The fantastical, somber illustrations brilliantly contrast the satirical text. Oyvind Torseter is a first-time guest at the ilb and will be presenting MULEGUTTEN for the first time in Germany. “A little masterpiece” (Andreas Platthaus, FAZ).


7.09., 8.09., 11.09., 12.09., 9—13h | Leader: Susann Tamoszus | Classes 3—4 | Booking number: 0707

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