Levi Pinfold (UK) – Black Dog / Der schwarze Hund and Greenling / Grünling – Discussion, reading and live illustration

Sep 13, 2017 09:00 am
International Children's and Youth Literature
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Speaker Matthias Scherwenikas
Interpreter Hanna Adrians
Price 8 Euro / reduced 6 / pupils 3


When Mr Hope wakes up one morning, he discovers a giant black dog in front of the house. The other members of his family, waking up one after the other, are terrified. Only the youngest daughter Small is brave enough to venture outside. She confronts the dog courageously and discovers that he isn’t so scary after all. A break-neck pursuit through the author-illustrator’s picturesque winter landscape follows. BLACK DOG, a beautifully illustrated picture book, reflects on our perception of fear with insight and intelligence. It was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2013. Levi Pinfold is a first-time guest of the ilb, will be performing for the first time outside of the UK or Australia, and will be presenting the book for the first time in Germany. “Pinfold’s story knows of the gray and mysterious parts of nature that can only be escaped by those who recognize them" (Catrin Lorch, Süddeutsche Zeitung).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Mr and Mrs Barleycorn’s lives change drastically when Mr Barleycorn finds a little green infant one day and brings him home. The next morning, they wake up to find the entire house brimming from floor to ceiling with flowering fruits and vegetables. Mrs Barleycorn is not impressed with the new state of her room. And when vines grow through the train tracks overnight and stop the trains, the town’s dissent against the greenling and his seemingly magical powers grows reaches a breaking point. Only Mr Barleycorn remains on the infant’s side… GREENLING is a declaration of love towards nature told through verse and intricate illustrations. Levi Pinfold is a first-time guest at the ilb and will be presenting GREENLING for the first time in Germany. “Pinfold’s vision of the natural world breaking free of human fetters is captivating” (Publishers Weekly).


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