Jón Gnarr (Iceland) – Útlaginn / Der Outlaw – Discussion and reading

Sep 11, 2017 11:30 am
International Children's and Youth Literature
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Garden Stage
Price 0 Euro

In this autobiographical book, Jón Gnarr speaks of his teenage years at a boarding school for difficult teenagers. He describes how, as a problem child and outsider, he began to find his own identity in the complete isolation of frigid and desolate north-western Iceland. After finishing school, he falls into a dark world full of self-doubt, drugs and alcohol. But with the help of punk music, he finds companionship and discovers anarchy. Gnarr holds nothing back when telling the stories of his youth, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. His tales are harrowing and yet humorous. Jón Gnarr, who rose to international fame as the so-called “punk mayor of Reykjavik”, is a first-time guest at the ilb and will be speaking about ÚTLAGINN as a part of the “International Congress for Democracy and Freedom”. “A poignant reading experience” (Thomas Böhm, Deutschlandrundfunk).


In English | Event of the »International congress for democracy and freedom« | Free entry, registration required | Classes 8—13 | Booking number: 1108

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