Jenny Robson (South Africa) – Balaclava Boy / Tommy Mütze – Workshop

Sep 11, 2017 09:30 am
International Children's and Youth Literature
Schule der Teilnehmer
Price 6 Euro

There’s a new kid in Doogal’s class. Nothing special, under ordinary circumstances - but the new boy wears a strange ski mask every day. He never takes it off. Doogal and his best friend Dumisami decide to figure out the meaning behind the mask. Is he ugly? Does he have to remain incognito because he’s a famous soccer player? They finally come up with a plan… BALACLAVA BOY is a touching and suspenseful children’s book that was nominated for the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis in 2013. Robson, who has been a guest at the ilb once before, will be presenting BALACLAVA BOY for the first time internationally. “The book contains everything that constitutes good children’s literature” (Jury des Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreises).


In cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung e.V.

9.30—13.30h | Booking number: 1114 | Leader: Fiona Kelli | Classes 3-5

Ticket office: (030) 278786-66/-70 (MO-FR 9-17h) /

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