Christian Duda (Austria, Germany) – Elke - Ein schmales Buch über die Wirkung von Kuchen and Gar nichts von allem – Discussion and reading

Sep 07, 2017 07:00 pm
International Children's and Youth Literature
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Kasimir loves cake, especially cake with lemon icing. One day he meets Elke, who crashes into him with a tray of the home-made chocolate cheesecake that she bakes every day for Uwe’s Café on the corner. From this day forth, the two of them meet every morning for breakfast - bread with cheese, and then, a slice of cake. An unlikely friendship develops between Elke and Kasimir…. But then Elke disappears overnight and everyone notices how little they really knew about her. ELKE is a remarkable children’s novel about unlikely friendships, the strange world of grown-ups and life in the city. Christian Duda, the author, is a first-time guest at the ilb and will be presenting ELKE for the first time in Berlin. “A charming yet combative book told in a delightfully casual tone” (Rolf Brockschmidt, Tagesspiegel).


Germany, the 1970s: 11-year-old Magdi attends the same high school as his two older siblings, but his life is anything but ordinary. His family lives by two rules only: don’t stand out and always be better than everyone else – and anyone who doesn’t follow them has to answer to their hot-tempered father. In diary entries, Magdi speaks of his everyday life – everything from his admiration for the boxer Muhammed Ali to what it means to grow up with an Arabic father and German mother. GAR NICHTS VON ALLEM is an outstanding children’s book about familial pressures, societal expectations and the struggle to find one’s own way in the world. Christian Duda, the author, is a first-time guest of the ilb and will be presenting GAR NICHTS VON ALLEM for the first time in Berlin. “A jewel” (Heike Brillmann-Ede, Eselohr).


In German | Part of the project »Warum Kinder- und Jugendliteratur sich nichts traut — Über die Unsichtbarmachung gewaltvoller Realitäten« | 14. Literatursalon | Free entry, registration required | Classes 9—13 | Booking number: 0704

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