Catarina Sobral (Portugal) – Achimpa / Aschimpa and Tão Tão Grande / So, sooooo groß – Discussion, reading and live illustration

Sep 08, 2017 09:30 am
International Children's and Youth Literature
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Main Stage
Host Carolin Haentjes
Speaker Matthias Scherwenikas
Interpreter Fernando-Cesario de Almeida
Price 8 Euro / reduced 6 / pupils 3


One day during his studies, a researcher stumbles upon a mysterious word: “achimpa”. He wants how to use it in his further research… but there’s one thing he can’t figure out. What does it mean? The word is so ancient that no one remembers – not even Ms Augusta, the 137-year-old town resident. Is achimpa a name? A verb? An adjective? Nobody knows, so the residents adopt the word however they see fit. ACHIMPA is a humorous, enigmatic and colourfully illustrated book that celebrates inventiveness and creativity. Catarina Sobral, who won the Best Children’s Book Award (2013) in Portugal for ACHIMPA, is a first-time ilb guest and will be presenting this book along with two of her other works for the first time in Germany. “Following the metamorphosis of the new old word is very amusing” (Ariane Breyer, DIE ZEIT).

Tão Tão Grande:

Samuel lies asleep in bed, snoring loudly. He doesn’t know it yet, but something’s different … When he wakes up, Samuel discovers with shock that he has transformed into a giant hippo overnight. His shoes don’t fit him anymore, and neither do his clothes. What is he supposed to do now? He weighs 528 kilos, is too big to see even half of his reflection in the mirror, and, worst of all, he has a moustache! No way he’s going to school like this. He wouldn’t even fit through the door! TAO TAO GRANDE’s explosively colorful, amusing illustrations question growing up and change with sharp humor. Catarina Sobral is a first-time guest at the ilb and will be presenting TAO TAO GRANDE for the first time in Germany.


Booking number: 0801 | Classes 1—3

Ticket office: (030) 278786-66/-70 (MO-FR 9-17h) /

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