Azouz Begag recommends »Night Flight« by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Farideh Chalatbarie recommends «Me and my friends» by Farideh Chalatbarie

Chen Jianghon recommends «Struwwelpeter» by Heinrich Hoffmann

Mariana Chiesa Mateos recommends «Migrando» by Maria Chiesa Mateos

Iwona Chmielewska recommends «Ein Geburtstag» by Doris-Meisner Johannknecht & Melanie Kemmler

Gabriela Cichowska recommends «Mirror» by Jeannie Baker

Dibou recommends »Gone with the Wind«  by Margaret Mitchell

Enzo recommends «The Alchemist» by Paulo Coelho

Kate de Goldi recommends «The Red Shoe» by Ursula Dubosarsky

Golo recommends »Treasure Island« by Robert Louis Stevenson

Finn-Ole Heinrich recommends «The Boss of Everything» by Bart Moertyeard

Tendai Huchu recommends «Fahrenheit 451» by Ray Bradbury

Adam Jaromir recommends «Farben des Tages» by Květa Pacovská

Gerald Jatzek recommends «The Oxford Nursery» by Opie, Iona and Peter

Jan De Leeuw recommends «Dance on My Grave» by Aidan Chambers

Nils Mohl recommends «Life in common: an essay in general anthropology» by Tzvetan Todorov

Salah Naoura recommends «Alabama Moon» by Watt Key

Uri Orlev recommends «Bambi» by Felix Salten

Maria Papayanni recommends «Odyssee» by Homer

Maria Parr recommends «Ronia, The Robber’s Daughter » by Astrid Lindgren

Peter Pohl recommends «Mio, My Son » by Astrid Lindgren

Iva Procházková recommends «The Wall» by Peter Sis

Janne Teller recommends «A History of Western Philosophy» by Bertrand Russell

Rachel Ward recommends «Northern Lights / The Golden Compass» by Phil Pullmann

Robert Paul Weston recommends «Momo» by Michael Ende

Floortje Zwigtman recommends «Junk» by Melvin Burgess