Premieres 2013-2016


First worldwide public presentation of the book by its author


CHEN, Jianghong (France): Le petit pêcheur et le squelette (2013) at the ilb 2013

HEINRICH, Finn-Ole (Germany): Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt  Mein kaputtes Königreich (2014) at the ilb 2013

KLASSEN, Jon (Canada / USA): Sam and Dave Dig a Hole (2014) at the ilb 2014

SAY, Allen (Japan/ USA): Under the Cherry Blossom Tree - An old Japanese Tale (1974) at the ilb 2016

TELLER, Janne (Denmark / USA): Alles  Worum es geht (2013) at the ilb 2013

WILDNER, Martina (Germany): Finsterer Sommer (2016) at the ilb 2014



First international public presentation of the book by its author


AL-KHOORI, Noura (United Arab Emirates): Rutab min Thahab (2013) at the ilb Special 2016

BROWN, Peter (USA): My Teacher is a Monster (2014) at the ilb 2015

DE COCK, Michael (Belgium): Rosie en Moussa (2010) und Rosie en Moussa  De Brief van Papa (2012) at the ilb 2014

COTTRELL BOYCE, Frank (UK): The Astounding Broccoli Boy (2015) and The Unforgotten Coat (2011) at the ilb 2015

DONG-SUNG, Kim (South Korea): Eomma Majung (2004), Naiting-Geil (2005) and Jumong (2009) at the ilb 2014

DUBOSARSKY, Ursula (Australia): The Red Shoe (2006) and The Golden Day (2011) at the ilb 2014

VAN DER GEEST, Simon (Netherlands): Geel Gras (2009) and Spinder (2013) at the ilb 2016

GINO, Alex (USA): George (2015) at the ilb 2016

GUOJING (China/ Singapore): The Only Child (2015) at the ilb 2016

KERR, Judith (Germany/ UK): Mr. Cleghorn´s Seal (2015) at the ilb 2016

KRINGELAND HALD, Ingeborg (Norway): Albin Prek (2010) at the ilb 2015

KUYPER, Sjoerd (Netherlands): Hotel de Grote L (2014) at the ilb 2015

MANDILARAS, Filippos (Greece): Δρακομανία (2007) and Ýaines (2011) at the ilb 2014

MATTI, Truus (Netherlands): Vertrektijd (2009) and Mister Orange (2011) at the ilb 2014

NELSON, Jandy (USA): I'll Give You the Sun (2014) at the ilb 2015

NESS, Patrick (USA / Great Britain): More Than This (2013) at the ilb 2014

PALACIO, Raquel J. (USA): Wonder (2012) at the ilb 2013

SAMANCI, Özge (Turkey/ USA): Dare to Disappoint (2015) at the ilb 2016

SANNA, Alessandro (Italy): Fiume Lento  Un Viaggio lungo il Po (2013) at the ilb 2014

SAY, Allen (Japan/ USA): Grandfather´s Journey (1993) and Kamishibai Man (2005) at the ilb 2016

SEPETYS, Ruta (USA): Out of the Easy (2013) at the ilb 2013

SHYAM, Bhajju (India): That´s How I See Things (2007) und Alone in the Forest (2013) at the ilb 2013

SUTCLIFFE, William (Great Britain): Circus of Thieves and the Raffle of Doom (2014) at the ilb 2014

VANISTENDAEL, Judith (Belgium): Rosie en Moussa (2010) and Rosie en Moussa  De brief van papa (2012) at the ilb 2014

VERMEIRE, Kaatje (Belgium): De vrouw en het jongetje (2007) at the ilb 2015

WESTERA, Bette (Netherlands): Doodgewoon (2014) at the ilb 2016


First European public presentation of the book by its author

BIRCH, Tony (Australia): Blood (2011) at the ilb 2015

BROWN, Peter (USA): Mr. Tiger Goes Wild (2013) at the ilb 2015


First nationwide public presentation of the book by its author

ABIRACHED, Zeina (Lebanon/ France): Le Piano Oriental (2015) at the ilb 2016

ALMOND, David (Great Britain): A Song for Ella Grey (2014) at the ilb 2015

CNEUT, Carll (Belgium): De Gouden Kooi (2014) at the ilb 2016

DAUVILLIER, Loïc (France): L'attentat (2012) at the ilb 2015

DOYLE, Roddy (Ireland): A Greyhound of a Girl (2011) and Brilliant (2014) at the ilb 2015

AL KHAYAT, Maitha (United Arab Emirates): Tareeqati al Khassa (2010) at the ilb Special 2016

KLASSEN, Jon (Canada / USA): I Want My Hat Back (2011), This Not My Hat (2012) and The Dark (2013) at the ilb 2014

MARTINEZ PEDRO, Javier (Mexico): Migrar (2011) at the ilb 2015

MCCLOUD, Scott (USA): The Sculptor (2015) at the ilb Special 2015

OPPEL, Kenneth (Canada): Airborn (2004) and The Nest (2015) at the ilb 2016

ØVREÅS, Håkon (Norway): Brune (2013) at the ilb 2016

SATTOUF, Riad (France): L'Arabe du Futur (2014) at the ilb 2015

SEPETYS, Ruta (USA): Salt to the Sea (2016) at the ilb 2016

SUTCLIFFE, William (Great Britain): The Wall (2013) at the ilb 2014

VAN DE VENDEL, Edward (Netherlands): het hondje dat nino niet had (2013) at the ilb 2015

VERMEIRE, Kaatje (Belgium): De vraag van Olifant (2011) and Mare en de dingen (2009) at the ilb 2015

WEGELIUS, Jakob (Sweden): Legendem om Sally Jones (2008) and Mördarens Apa (2014) at the ilb 2016

WOLITZER, Meg (USA): Belzhar (2014) at the ilb 2015


First public presentation of the book by its author in Berlin

ALMOND, David (Great Britain): The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas (2012) at the ilb 2015

BALTSCHEIT, Martin (Germany): Die besseren Wälder (2013) at the ilb 2014

DAUVILLIER, Loïc (France): L'enfant cachée (2012) at the ilb 2015

DOYLE, Roddy (Ireland): The Guts (2013) at the ilb 2015

HEIDELBACH, Nikolaus (Germany): Rosel von Melaten (2015) and Arno und die Festgesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (2016) at the ilb 2016

JÄGERFELD, Jenny (Sweden): Här ligger jag och blöder (2010) at the ilb 2015

SAMSON, Gideon (Netherlands): Met je hoofd boven water (2010) at the ilb 2016

VAN DE VENDEL, Edward (Netherlands): Dertien rennende hertjes (2012) at the ilb 2015