Tools Against Populism [D]

Sep 10, 2017 10:00 am
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Upper Foyer
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Hate speech, shit storms, bullying: How can schools, teachers, and above all students; approach rampant populism? What deliberative tools can teachers give young people to help them push back against the populists in their daily lives? How can democracy be better practised in schools?


MARTIN SPIEWAK [D] is a scientific journalist and member of the » DIE ZEIT « Berlin office. He specialises in education policy, science, and research.


SARAYA GOMIS [D] is a secondary school teacher and teaches at the Ernst-Reuter-Schule in Berlin-Wedding. She is actively engaged in education policy and fights against discrimination in schools.

REBECCA RAUE [D] is an artist from Berlin whose work has been exhibited internationally. She has realized various projects and workshops connecting the art world, schools and children. 

MARINA WEISBAND [Ukraine/ D] is a psychologist and was the manager of the Pirate Party. In her book »Wir nennen es Politik« [2013, tr. We Call It Politics] she develops new possibilities for democracy via citizen participation.

DANIEL-PASCAL ZORN [D] is a philosopher who focusses on dialectical conversation techniques. In his book 'Logics for Democrats' he analyses populist forms of argumentation.