Might is Right: Who Upholds Rights?

Sep 09, 2017 05:30 pm
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
Upper Foyer
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On the national and international stage, there’s rampant disregard for rules – war crimes, the suspension of human rights, and tax evasion often remain unpunished. What does it say about democracy when the powerful are able to behave as though they are above the law? How effective are state constitutions and international courts against such trends and how can their influence be restored?


JULIA ECKERT [CH/ D] is a Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Bern. Her research interests are in legal anthropology and the anthropology of democracy.


GERHART BAUM [D] is an author, lawyer, and politician. The former Federal Minister of the Interior and leader of the German delegation to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights is an advocate for citizen rights and opposes mass surveillance.

WOLFGANG KALECK [D] is a lawyer specialising in Human Rights and international criminal law and author [»Unternehmen vor Gericht. Globale Kämpfe für Menschenrechte«, tr: Taking Corporations to Court: Global Struggles for Human Rights]. He is a founder and General Secretary of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin.

GEERT MAK [NL] is an historian, writer, and publicist. He has written numerous non-fiction books, including »In Europe« [2004], and is known for his vivid writing style. In 2008 he was awarded the Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding.