Focus Venezuela and Colombia

Sep 10, 2017 03:15 pm
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
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Venezuela is on the edge of civil war – President Maduro is establishing a dictatorship under which the population is suffering unimaginably. Colombia has ended its more than fifty-year long guerrilla war, but different parties are impeding the peace process. Peru has defeated the long-time conflict with the Shining Path – how can poverty and injustice now be tackled?


MICHI STRAUSFELD [D] is a passionate mediator between Germany and Latin America. She is an editor of numerous anthologies of Latin-American literature.


ALBERTO BARRERA TYSZKA [Venezuela] is a journalist, screenwriter, and author. His novel about the dictatorship in Venezuela, »Patria o muerte« [2015], was nominated for the 2017 »International Literature Award – Haus der Kulturen der Welt«.

SERGIO ÁLVAREZ [Colombia] is a writer and journalist. He writes for »La Vanguardia« and »El País«. His novels tackle themes of violence and the Colombian drug trade.