Focus Eastern Europe

Sep 09, 2017 10:00 am
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In Poland and Hungary, the rule of law and free media are in acute danger while nationalistic, anti-Semitic, and racist trends are gaining shocking momentum. In Serbia and Belarus, the situation is even more dramatic. What can be said of human rights in and around Eastern Europe and how can the authoritarian trend be countered?


VOLKER WEICHSEL [D] is a political scientist, translator and editor of the magazine »Osteuropa«, a monthly dealing with politics and culture in Central and Eastern Europe.


FELIX ACKERMANN [D] is an historian and urban anthropologist with a focus on Eastern Europe. The author of »Mein litauischer Führerschein« [2017, tr. My Lithuanian Driving License] also developed the »Geschichtswerkstatt Europa« funding programme.

BORIS CHERSONSKIJ [Ukraine] is a psychiatrist and writer. In his poetry collection » Semejnyj Archiv« [tr. Family Archive, 1997], he tells the story of a 20th century Russian Jewish family.

JEVGENIJ DEMENOK [Ukraine/ CZ] is a writer and journalist who has published numerous texts and books. He is the founder of the literature studio »Zelenaya Lampa« and the »Filosofsky Parohod« philosophy club in Odessa.

ARTUR KLINAU [Belarus] is an architect, writer, chief editor and publisher. He organises the literature festival »Kaptaruny« and publishes and edits »pARTisan«, the only magazine for modern art in Belarus.

TOMAS VENCLOVA [Lithuania/ USA] teaches Russian literature at Yale University. His essays and poems have won many awards.


Interpreter (Russian - English): Alexei Khorkov