Focus Central America

Sep 10, 2017 02:00 pm
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Trump’s inauguration has shaken Mexico: the wall, planned restrictions for money transfer, the threat of a new negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement – all these directly impact daily life in Mexico. In Guatemala, too, the already less than stable democracy is facing new challenges – many migrants will be forced to return to their homeland. How do the affected handle these developments?


MICHI STRAUSFELD [D] is a passionate mediator between Germany and Latin America. She is an editor of numerous anthologies of Latin-American literature.


ARNOLDO GÁLVEZ SUÁREZ [Guatemala] is a writer and communications coordinater for »interpeace«, an international peace-building organisation. His novel »Die Rache der Mercedes Lima« [German translation, original »Puente adentro«] is being released in Germany in 2017.

ALBERTO RUY-SÁNCHEZ [Mexico] is a writer, essayist, and editor who has written award-winning essays on literature, art, philosophy, erotica, and film.